$45/ room up to 200sq Ft
$3/ stair small landings count as a step
$15/ room for protector/sealant
$15-100 for pet treatments depending on severity


Cleaning is $1/sqft up to 400sqft, $.75/sqft for over 400 sqft.
Sealing is 1/2 cost of cleaning, color sealing is $3/sqft including cleaning


Synthetics – $1.20/ sq ft
Wool – $1.80/ sq ft


Call for a maintenance program that suits your needs. This type of cleaning should only be done when a Deep Clean Service has been completed in the last 24 months.

Carpet is dry in less than 30 minutes, can be done twice in between larger overhaul cleanings that include Fabric Protection.

This is a less expensive intermittent service to maintain traffic areas, most homes are serviceable in about 1.5 hrs.


Large Sectional – $120
Regular Sectional – $105
3 Cushion Couch – $95
2 Cushion Couch – $75
Love Seat – $45
Recliner – $45
Lounge Chair – $40
Ottoman – $10
Dining Room Chair – $10
Drapery – $65
Office Chair – $15
Mattress – $95

Whether you need a few rooms or your whole house cleaned and sanitized we can deliver the results you’re looking for with reasonable prices and safe green chemistry. Carpeting along with other flooring is the second largest investment in your home and like anything else, it needs to be maintained. Simple, straight forward pricing with no hidden charges. We will never use any kind of bait and switch sales. We only have 1 level of service for your cleaning,  the absolute best. We only charge extra for protection, urine damage that is more than a few spots, and very severe red/blue stains that require a significant amount of extra work to remove. Our solution removes just about everything you would find in a carpet at no extra charge.


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