fall carpet cleaning

The Guide to Fall Carpet Cleaning

Can you believe the end of 2021 is almost here? School is back in session and fall weather is on the way. This means many of us will experience cool temperatures, damp conditions, and even dirty, messy carpet. Fall carpet cleaning can help your home feel cleaner, especially as we turn the corner into the holiday season.

These are our top tips when it comes to carpet cleaning for fall and beyond.

Is Your Carpet Clean for Fall?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a carpet is actually clean. This is because there are mites as well as debris that are very small or invisible to the naked eye.

Even when your carpet looks clean, this doesn’t always mean that it is free of microorganisms living in it. The only way to be sure that your carpet is as clean as possible is by ensuring that you clean your carpet, professionally, once every six months.

Dealing with the Dirt and Debris of Fall Weather

It’s no secret that fall weather can lead to a journey home, and by no fault of your own. This is because inclement weather stirs up dirt and debris. This is especially true if you have pets or kids. It is almost inevitable to not track dirt inside

What kind of dirt and debris will get trapped inside your home during the autumn season? The most common that you will find is mud, slush, snow, and dirty leaves. 

Leaves also pose a problem in terms of dirt because they are either wet or dry, with both being a mess inside your living space. Even dry leaves can get stepped on and scatter through the house.

How to Keep Carpet Clean During the Autumn Season

A regular carpet care routine in the fall will help you keep dirt and grind out of the home. When it comes to dealing with the dirt and debris of fall, the best course of action is to stay ahead of the game.

Below, these are some fall carpet cleaning ideas to keep your home in tiptop shape until you were ready for a professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuum on a Regular Schedule

When it comes to keeping your carpet clean, one of the first steps is vacuuming it on a regular basis. There is no set schedule where you must vacuum and carpet. How often you vacuum your carpet depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.

Some people can get away with vacuuming the carpet only once a week. But if you have kids or pets, you may need to be on a schedule of every other day, or even daily schedule when it comes to vacuuming your carpet.

As a vacuum, you will want to start in the far corner of the room and work your way out. This is so you are not stepping over the tracks that you already vacuum. You also want to make a slight overlap as you vacuum, so you know that you cleaned each track thoroughly as you go.

Meanwhile, make sure that the vacuum bag is empty before getting started. If your vacuum bag is too full, it will hinder how much you were able to suck up inside the vacuum.

Clean up Dirt as You See it

Next, when it comes to keeping your carpet clean during the fall, you will want to pick up dirt as you see it. Allowing dirt or spills to settle into the carpet fibers will lead to stains. It will also make it more difficult to remove when you are ready to clean it.

For example, if the kids track in mud from outside, you want to take care of this right away. Make sure you get a towel and soak up the moisture out of the carpet. You will then want to apply either a store-bought or homemade cleaning solution to wipe away the mud. Luckily, dirt and mud are easy to clean up as long as you get to it quickly.

Drying Wet Carpet

Wet carpet is problematic for several reasons. It can ruin the flooring beneath the carpet if it is not tended to quickly. They can also cause mold to grow and make the carpet smell like mildew.

If your carpet gets wet from the weather, make sure that you take action to dry it quickly. Grab some towels and place them on the floor, stepping on it to absorb as much water as you can. You can then use a dehumidifier to help pull the moisture out of the air as well as the carpet. From there, the carpet should air dry on its own, but you will want to give it some assistance for the best results.

Signs that Your Carpet Needs Cleaned this Fall

Does your carpet need to be cleaned this fall? The following signs can give me an indication of this time for carpet cleaning this season.

It Hasn’t Been Cleaned in Over a Year

Your carpet should be cleaned ideally every six months. If not, once a year is best. If it has been over a year since your carpet is been cleaned, it is time to schedule a professional cleaning now.

It Looks Dirty and Dull

If your carpet ones have a bright and vibrant appearance that is no longer the case, your carpet could benefit from a cleaning. A carpet cleaning can give your carpet an overhaul without having to replace it.

You’re Having Problems with Autumn Allergies

Do autumn allergies have you down? Coughing and sneezing from pollen and other debris in the air can upset your allergies. Unfortunately, allergens can also settle inside of the carpet. If you are finding yourself suffering from allergies, consider a carpet cleaning.

You Have Stains that You Can’t Remove

Are you battling stains such as eighth, paint, or grape juice stains? These can be difficult to remove, especially if you don’t attend to them quickly. If you were having difficulty removing these stains, a carpet cleaning can help this fall.

You are Having Trouble with Pet Odor 

Pet odor can be another difficult substance to remove from the carpet. Even with your best efforts, it might feel like a losing battle to get pet odor out of your carpet. If this is the case, contact us for professional carpet cleaning.

Why is Fall a Great Time to Clean Your Carpet?

If you have yet to clean your carpet this year, there’s no better time than now. Phonics for a great time to clean your carpet for several reasons, including the following:

Gets Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner. If you are hosting Thanksgiving or any other holiday this year, you probably want your home to look its best. You might put a lot of time into cleaning your home from top to bottom, but you don’t want to forget about the carpet.

Cleaning your carpet now can make a special presence for guests this holiday season. Your home will feel good as new and you’ll be proud to show off your beautiful clean carpet.

Removes Odors and Unsightly Stains

Say goodbye to pet stains and odors. Even some of the top-rated pet stain removers on the market might not do the job when it comes to removal. Instead of scrubbing away at your carpet to remove pet odors and stains, call less for carpet cleaning this fall.

Improves Allergies

We mentioned that allergens can be invisible to the naked eye. This is especially the case when we are talking about very small amounts of pollen or even dust mites. Dust mites are nearly impossible to get rid of and they will always be around. However, a professional carpet cleaning can help reduce these allergens to help you feel more comfortable.

Makes Your Space Feel Fresh

When you are constantly cleaning but it feels like your home never feels that clean, The problem might lie in your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning can instantly make your space feel fresh. Not to mention, it will smell better and give you a better feeling all the way around.

Is it time for fall carpet cleaning? We are here to help. We bring excellence in carpet cleaning to our local area, making homes feel fresh and clean for the upcoming holidays. Please contact us now for a free quote on fall carpet cleaning today.