is professional carpet cleaning worth it

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it?

When it comes to keeping your home clean, you likely Have a routine in place to keep each room in order. You probably dust, wipe down surfaces, do the dishes, and mop the tile floors. But when it comes to your carpet, you may have a regular vacuum cleaning schedule, or you might choose to vacuum weekly. You thought about getting your carpet professionally cleaned, but you think that a vacuuming schedule is enough. So, is professional carpet cleaning really worth it?

In many cases, professional carpet cleaning it’s certainly worth the cost and process. Let’s discuss what carpet cleaning is, what it involves, and why it is worth it.

What is Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaners use different types of equipment and cleaning solutions to give your carpet a deep sanitary clean. The cleaning method used during the process is safe to remove dirt, odors, spots, and more. Most importantly, no residue is left behind during the process of carpet cleaning. This is very important, as wet carpet can cause a myriad of problems such as mold and mildew growth.

As a professional carpet cleaner works to clean your carpet, dirt, soil and allergens are extracted from the carpet. The applications that we use are safe for the family and pets. Best of all, our process provides powerful results that will make your home feel fresh and clean.

How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work?

Professional carpet cleaning involves a lot more than simply spraying a couple of spots with cleaner on the carpet and running a vacuum.

The process will typically start with team members looking around the rooms that need carpet cleaning, showing us areas of concern as we explain the process to you.

Furniture will then need to be moved out of the way as much as possible. This is when spot treating begins, and any areas that need extra attention will receive it.

Next, the real work begins. We use proper cleaning machines to begin the deep cleaning process. Water is used to release deep dirt from the fibers, and it is then extracted and removed from the carpet.

The machine also removes a large amount of water during the process. This way, your carpet will be dry within a couple of hours. The process of cleaning carpet while I take about 20 minutes per room, but it really depends on the size of the room, how much furniture needs to be moved, and how soil the carpet may be.

Once the process is entirely finished, we will take another walk around your house and make sure that you are satisfied.

As you can see, having your carpet cleaned is it relatively quick and hassle-free experience. Aside from moving some furniture as needed, you can have a house of clean carpet, free of dirt and allergens, within a short amount of time.

After reading about this process, you might still be asking, it’s professional carpet cleaning worth it? Let’s talk about the benefits that you will experience by getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

It’s no secret that carpet cleaning gets your carpet, well, clean. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. When potential customers ask, is professional carpet cleaning worth it?, these are the benefits that we explain to them.

Deep Cleans Better than a Vacuum 

You may vacuum your home every week or even more frequently. This is a great way to get excess dirt and allergens out of your home and keep it clean and allergy-free.

However, the equipment used by professional carpet cleanings goes above and beyond with a standard house vacuum can do.

First, a vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor to spin a fan that sucks in the air. During this process, all small particles are caught up inside and pushed into a bigger canister. With professional carpet cleaning, there is a much different process that reaches much deeper into the fibers.

The problem with only relying on a vacuum for your carpet is that it does not provide a deep clean. It pulls out surface dirt and allergens, which is great, but it leaves an invisible trail of dirt behind. 

With a professional deep cleaning and carpet cleaning process, you do not have to worry about excess dirt or allergens being left inside the carpet.

Helps Relieve Allergies 

No matter what time of year, carpet cleaning can help relieve allergy symptoms. People experience allergies for all types of reasons, ranging from pet dander to dust and pollen from the outdoors. Even opening the entry door can allow outdoor allergens to come inside and settle in your carpet.

If you are having allergy symptoms that you can’t shake, despite your best efforts at cleaning, the culprit might lie in your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services pull out all the allergens from your carpet, helping you to reduce symptoms and feel healthier.

Removes Stubborn Odors 

Does your carpet have a bad smell? There are several reasons why your carpet might smell despite your best efforts at keeping it clean. Some of the reasons behind a foul-smelling carpet include:

  • Cigarette smoke: Cigarette smoke easily penetrates all kinds of services, especially fabric, carpets, rugs, and even underlay. If you smoke inside your home, it can be extremely difficult to remove the smell. A professional carpet cleaning service can help, but this depends on how frequently you smoke inside your home and how soiled the carpet might be.
  • Pet odors: One common reason why people seek out professional carpet cleaning services is because of concerns with pet odors. Once pets have accidents on the carpet and it is not cleaned quickly or thoroughly enough, it can leave a lasting outer. Professional carpet cleaning services can help with this problem.
  • Old and smelly stains: Old and persistent stains are some of the major reasons for stubborn odors in the carpet. Any kind of stain that happens on your carpet that is not cleaned up in time can seep into the fibers. It will also get soaked up by carpet fibers and start to smell. This is especially true for food such as milk, which can smell very sour.

Removes Stains

In addition to carpet odors, another reason why people look for professional carpet cleaning services is to remove stains. Think of a time that something spilled on your carpet and he tried to clean all this up. You may have thought that your actions were successful, except that you found a grubby patch of carpet a day or two later.

This is not an uncommon situation. This is because household and home and cleaning products can actually discolor the carpet. Worst of all, it can cause permanent damage!

If you do not catch this problem right away, it will absorb into the underlay and set in as a persistent stain. Furthermore, professional carpet cleaners are trained on how to best treat carpet stains of all types.

With a professional carpet cleaning service, nearly all stains can be removed successfully. You’ll be left with a clean carpet, free of stains, and looking as fresh as possible.

Prolongs the Life of Your Carpet 

Do you want to get as many years out of your carpet as possible? Inevitably, your carpet will take a beating over the years. The good news is that professional carpet cleaning services can help prolong the life of your carpet, all while making it look clean in the meantime.

As time goes on, your carpet fabrics will elongate as the fibers absorb moisture from the environment. The fibers can extend longer than their typical capacity which changes the carpet structure. In addition to stains and dirt, your carpet needs professional cleaning to last as long as possible. 

Makes Your Home Feel Incredibly Clean

Who doesn’t enjoy the feel of a clean home? Professional carpet cleaning contributes to this feeling in a way that vacuuming can’t do. You can see, feel, and smell the freshness of a clean carpet. If you have dirty carpet, there is only so much a DIY approach can do it.

The truth is that grubby carpet can downgrade the cleanliness of your home, even if every baseboard and doorknob is wiped clean. This is why professional carpet cleaning services are the best solution for getting the cleanest home possible!

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Is professional carpet cleaning worth it? From deep cleaning carpet fibers to providing an incredibly clean feel in your home, professional carpet cleaning will feel like a breath of fresh air in your space. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning. We clean area rugs, too!