how to clean carpet stains

How to Remove Carpet Stains of all Shapes and Sizes

Whether your carpet is old or new, at some point you will have to look into carpet cleaning. Some carpets can stay cleaner than others for a variety of reasons. However, if you're asking yourself how often should you clean your carpet?, we have some great advice to share. 

6 Quick Facts About Dirty Carpets

Dirt and grime in your carpet is more than just an aesthetic concern. Before we dig into the question of how often should you clean your carpet?, consider the following facts about dirty carpets.

1. Dirty Carpet Attracts Even More Dirt

When oil residue settles into your carpet and drive, it acts as a magnet for more dirt. Essentially, the residue will lock in extra dirt from various sources and it can actually change the color of your carpet.

If the carpet is not cleaned, the color change can become permanent.

2. Dirt Can Tear Your Carpet Apart

This is specifically true in terms of sandy soil. Get on your hands and knees and look closely at the carpet, parting the pile. Do you see sand inside the carpet? 

Some of this sand and dirt cannot be reached with a home vacuum. Although you don't always see this dirt with the naked eye, it grinds down into your carpet and creates tears and damage. 

3. Your Carpet Is A Breeding Ground For Germs

Did you know that your carpet can house many different types of germs? Worst of all, these germs can actually make you sick. 

That’s because carpet can serve as a filter, which traps various debris within. This includes pollen, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, and even tar. 

Once the pollutants become trapped, the only real way to remove them is by way of professional cleaning.

4. Your Carpet Can Contribute To Your Allergies And Asthma

Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe properly. But what if the source of your breathing problems are coming from your carpet?

This is a realistic issue, as carpet can trap dust mites. Dust mite droppings are responsible for triggering asthma attacks while making you feel miserable.

5. Carpets Get Weighed Down with Dirt

Did you know that your carpet can weigh up to four times heavier when it’s dirty? This is because the carpet piles up with dirt, pet hair, dust mites, dead skin, mold, pet urine, and more. All of these organic compounds stick to the carpet fibers and add physical weight to the carpet.

6. Bugs Live in Your Carpet

There are tiny critters living in your carpet, right under your nose. A recent study found around 50 different species of arthropods living in carpets.

What type of bugs are considered arthropods? Think of bugs such as flies, spiders, and ants. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Now that you know about the dirt and bugs that dwell in the carpet, how often should you clean it?

This depends on several factors such as:

  • The amount of foot traffic in your home
  • If you have any pets
  • If your pets have accidents in the house
  • If you frequently smell odors coming from the carpet
  • If you have small children
  • If your carpet is changing color

Cleaning your carpet once every 6 months is a great way to ensure that it is clean. This is especially true if you meet the criteria above.

Even if you don’t have a lot of foot traffic or pets, cleaning your home at least once a year is a smart idea. Keep in mind that clean carpet can also keep many germs and illnesses away, including Norovirus. 

Is Vacuuming Your Carpet Good Enough to Get it Clean?

A vacuum cleaner certainly has its place, but it’s not a substitute for professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners work best for picking up surface dirt and debris from your carpet. It will cut down on the amount of dirt that settles into the carpet.

Beyond that, vacuuming the carpet can’t hold a candle to the power of professional carpet cleaning.

That’s because vacuums can only reach so far down into the carpet, even if it's a low pile carpet. Without professional carpet cleaning, you can miss bugs, dirt, mold, and more inside the carpet without being none the wiser. 

Vacuuming Between Cleaning Treatments

Maybe you had your carpet cleaned a few months ago and you want to keep it as fresh as possible. A vacuum can still do the trick, and there are specific ways you can vacuum for the best results. 

Best Vacuuming Tips

First, always check your vacuum bag. Don’t want until it’s all the way full to get it cleaned out. If it’s less than half full, you have the green light to start vacuuming.

Next, make sure your rollers underneath the vacuum are always relatively clean. If it's got too many hairs and fibers on it, it's not going to pick up dirt as well if the rollers are clean

The good news is that cleaning the vacuum is easy. Just turn your vacuum over and grab a pair of tweezers. Scissors are a little bit more effective to cut off the fibers. Once you cut the fibers pull them out, throw them away, and then your rollers are ready to go. 

Now that your vacuum is ready to vacuum, the very first step is to clean the corner with a detailing attachment. The idea is to get into the crevice of the walls.

Bring out the Baking Soda 

The best approach is to use baking soda and sprinkle it on your carpet before you start vacuuming. The baking soda does a tremendous job of sucking up odors that can fill your carpet. This action will make your carpet smell so much cleaner and fresher.

Work Your Way Back Toward the Exit Point

As you vacuum, you want to work your way back toward the exit point of the room. That’s because you never want to walk on the part of the floor that you just vacuumed also. 

Meanwhile, make sure to plug your vacuum in near the exit point or the door that you're leaving. This way, you don't want to have to walk across your newly vacuumed floor to unplug your vacuum. Also, that keeps the cord always behind you and never in your way in front of you.

Push Forward and Back 

As for vacuuming itself, you want to start in the corner and first push the vacuum forward. This pulls all of the fibers up and then you want to pull the vacuum back over that exact same spot. 

Once the fibers are pulled up, it brings up cat hair, dirt, debris, and more. 

Then you move on to the next row and you want to slightly overlap the first row and keep going.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

Just like professional carpet cleaning, this answer will vary for everyone. Some people choose to vacuum daily while others vacuum once a week.

The answer depends on the same criteria listed for carpet cleaning, such as pets and foot traffic in your home. 

Easy Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

In addition to vacuuming, there are other easy ways to keep your carpet clean before it’s time for a professional to arrive.

Protect Your Carpet with Floor Mats

Floor mats are an easy and cost-effective way to protect your carpet. Place them in front of every entry door of your home. Make a conscious effort to wipe your feet as you arrive.

Remove Your Shoes

It’s no secret that shoes track additional dirt through your home. Remove your shoes before entering the house and ask guests to do the same. 

Immediately Tend to Stains

If something spills on the carpet, it’s not a good idea to let it sit. Try to clean up the spill as quickly as you can to avoid permanent staining.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that different stains call for different types of cleaning methods. You also want to be careful of the type of carpet cleaner you use so it doesn’t result in discoloring. 

When was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Carpet?

During the summer, kids are off school and running in and out of the house. Are your carpets showing signs of dirt and grime? If so, it’s time to schedule a carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning deeply cleans the fibers in a way that a home vacuum can’t achieve. Consider carpet cleaning as an important part of maintaining a clean and beautiful home all year long.

When you’re ready to schedule your carpet cleaning, click here to get started.

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