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Why Choose HYDRACLEAN Northwest!

  • HydraClean NW uses a high temp sterilizing deep steam cleaning technique that will ensure to flush your carpet fibers dirt and remove harmful bacteria.
  • Our high pressure mechanical water extraction system will remove 95% of moisture.
  • You can expect your carpets to be dry in 1 hour or less!
  • We offer the latest cleaning technology – using a 100% Residue Free cleaning solution that utilizes softened water.
  • Pets, Children, Elderly in the Home? HydraClean NW understand the importance of using Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions in your home or office.

Residential Cleaning

Would you spray your car with soap and water at the same time and call it washed? Would you clean your teeth without brushing? Why should carpet cleaning be any different? We vacuum all dry soil first then pre-treat all carpeting to be cleaned with our EPA certified solution. Next, the solution is agitated in using a special rotating brush machine. Last, we perform our Rotary Steam Extraction process. The average dry time is 3-4hrs, not days.



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