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A Different Approach to Fabric and Textile Care. At Hydra Clean NW our goal is to maintain proper coatings on your carpets, upholstery, and all other furnishings in your home. A properly maintained coating means peace of mind, longevity, easier cleaning, and a fresh smelling healthy environment. We use the most powerful equipment available in the industry to get unmatched cleaning ability using nothing but fruit extract based solutions and last a long time.

At Hydra Clean we care about the health of your family and pets and we care about keeping the environment safe from harsh chemicals and pollutants. We pride ourselves on using non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals.

We use the best carpet cleaning machine on the market to get your carpets deep cleaned and safe for your baby, child, or pet. Your carpet will also dry faster and look cleaner with no harsh fumes or toxic chemicals.

Ask about our products that do not contain any petroleum distillates, butyl, ammonium hydroxide, phosphates, etc.

  • Non-toxic and natural environmentally friendly products
  • No phosphates!
  • EPA Certified Designed for Environment (DfE)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removes dust mites from carpet
  • Improved air quality making your home safer for kids & pets

Avoid putting harmful pollutants and chemicals into the air you and your family breathe. At  Hydra Clean Northwest we keep your home clean with products that are good for the environment to help improve your health.




Encapsulated Steam Cleaning

This is where it all starts. Whether it’s your carpets or any other furnishing in your home we first need to give it the deepest cleaning possible to remove all contaminants such as soils, oils, dander, hair, dust mites, etc. Our process delivers amazing results, drying in a few hours, not days.


We are committed to the environment:

  • No use of harmful toxic chemicals
  • Soft Pure Water Rinse, no detergents
  • Safe for you and your family
  • Safe for the environment
  • EPA approved
  • Only non-toxic substances such as water, biodegradable solution and steam are used
  • Fabrics stay cleaner much longer, feel soft,  and smell great
  • No allergic reactions

Nano-Seal Fabric Protection

An unprotected carpet or piece of furniture is much like a wood floor with no finish, it is easily stained, damaged,  and left difficult to clean. This is why we focus first on the deepest clean possible, then sealing the fabric to prolong the life and protect the investment.    After sealing the fabric it’s left soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. So easy in fact, you can do it yourself with products we can provide.

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